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Counselling, Psychotherapy, Counselling Supervision Plumstead London SE18


These are some of life's greatest gifts, and yet they can seem so elusive, with lack of confidence, depression and all sorts of anxieties getting in the way. My philosophy is that problems can provide us with a challenge to learn more about ourselves and that suffering is telling us that something is wrong in the way we are living our lives, and should therefore be investigated, rather than avoided.

Overcoming Social Anxiety/Phobia
Social anxiety/phobia is very disabling, leaving sufferers feeling very lonely, and inadequate. It also tells us that we are actually longing for connection with others, and preferably genuine and meaningful relationships with them. We can start feeling easier in the company of others when we feel more at ease with ourselves, and this can happen by challenging all the messages we have taken on board about how inadequate and socially inept we are, and turning these around with compassion. We can then learn that it is okay to determine for ourselves how much time we spend with others, how much we disclose of ourselves, and so on.

What therapy offers
Therapy offers a confidential, non-judgemental place in which you can be listened to, heard, understood, empathised with, taken seriously, and helped to be compassionate towards yourself and to believe that you are worthy of a better life.

Fees and other practicalities
My fee is currently 45 up to 6.30pm and 50 from 6.30pm, and I can offer some lower cost sessions, subject to a minimum fee. Sessions are held in my dedicated counselling room in my flat in south east London, a few minutes' walk from Plumstead Station, and within easy reach of, for example, Greenwich, Woolwich, Charlton, Thamesmead, Bexley/heath, Abbey Wood and north east Kent. I am available for appointments here from Wednesday to Friday.

More information and appointments
Please contact me on 07854 724502, or click the email link above, if you would like more information or to book a session in Plumstead for counselling, psychotherapy, or counselling supervision.

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