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These are some of life's greatest gifts, and yet they can seem so elusive, with lack of confidence, depression and all sorts of anxieties getting in the way. My philosophy is that problems can provide us with a challenge to learn more about ourselves and that suffering is telling us that something is wrong in the way we are living our lives, and should therefore be investigated, rather than avoided.

Sally Brampton (RIP 12.5.16) saw depression as feeling defeated at being unable to live properly. Depression is also said to be anger turned inwards, so rather than risk damaging others by telling them we’re angry, we damage ourselves. As children, we need our parents/caregivers to be there, and to be strong enough to withstand us; but if they aren’t that strong themselves, whether through their own depression, rage, narcissism, other mental illness, or addictions, etc., how can they look after us, unless we are strong ourselves and try to avoid causing them any more pain?

Some people can walk away from dysfunctional families, whereas others can spend years, a lifetime even, trying, unconsciously for the most part, to make things better – if only we can be better children, adults, more loving, more caring, more obedient … anything other than our true selves.

We can find ourselves acting out avoidant behaviours, such as procrastination, hoarding, social anxiety and phobia, getting into dysfunctional relationships, which become addictive and therefore hard to shift, and contribute to our feelings of failure, guilt and shame.

Under anger is also grief. We numb ourselves to our grief at the loss of, for example, the relationship with mother that we didn’t have, and also at the loss of relationship with ourselves and our own integrity; and then we can’t get out, we dig an ever deeper pit and get more and more entrenched in it.

The solution lies in being listened to, heard, understood, empathised with, being taken seriously as people, to help us be compassionate towards ourselves and to believe that we are worthy of a better life with more love (including self-love!) and joy in it, living true to our inner being, and awakening to the true meaning of life, our lives.

Ultimately, we need to learn to approach everything with patience and kindness.

A counsellor/psychotherapist offers you an opportunity to discuss and explore your issues, in a confidential, non-judgemental setting, paying attention to your feelings, instincts and judgements, and helping you to increase your self-belief and confidence.

My fee is currently 45-55 and I can offer some lower cost sessions, subject to a minimum fee. Sessions are held in my dedicated counselling room in my flat in south east London, a few minutes' walk from Plumstead Station, and within easy reach of, for example, Greenwich, Woolwich, Charlton, Thamesmead, Bexley/heath, Abbey Wood and north east Kent. I am available for appointments here from Wednesday to Friday.

More information and appointments
Please contact me on 07854 724502, or click the email link above, if you would like more information or to book a session in Plumstead for counselling, psychotherapy, or counselling supervision.

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