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Covering South East London from Greenwich to Woolwich, Thamesmead and North East Kent


These are some of life's greatest gifts, and yet they can seem so elusive, with things such as anxiety, depression, loss, relationship difficulties, being in the wrong job, getting in our way.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help us learn ways of cultivating self-acceptance, self-love, authenticity and empowerment in our lives, and deal with the challenges that life presents us with. In the confidential and non-judgemental therapeutic space of counselling and psychotherapy you are given the opportunity to explore your issues and learn to feel emotionally stronger, and have a greater sense of belief in yourself.

Challenges commonly met in life and that I regularly work with include:

- guilt and shame
- rejection, loneliness, loss of self and self-worth
- anxiety, stress
- the inner critic
- feeling overwhelmed
- relationship difficulties
- bereavement and other losses
- aging
- procrastination and hoarding
- obsessive thinking

Many of our difficulties often stem from childhood, with our upbringing having scarred us in some way, leaving us feeling insecure, lacking confidence, that simply being who we are is not acceptable. Many things can trigger memories of that childhood, whether we are aware of this or not, such as relationship difficulties, a new baby, bereavements, aging, stress at work.

My philosophy is that problems can provide us with a challenge to learn more about ourselves and that suffering is telling us that something is wrong in the way we are living our lives, and should therefore be investigated, rather than avoided. I believe that mind, body and soul are interlinked, and that our holistic well-being entails being authentic and having meaning and purpose to our lives.

Therapy provides a safe space for you to experience acceptance, understanding and undivided attention. I believe that the difficulties we encounter through our lives provide lessons to learn which require that we search within ourselves to find the resources to deal with life events. Thus you are the expert on yourself and my job is to help you find the answers within yourself, rather than providing them for you.

A counsellor/psychotherapist accompanies you as you explore the painful experiences of your life, and your feelings and behaviours, to help make sense of them, encourage your autonomy and empower you to make changes and find healing.

It is not the job of a counsellor/psychotherapist to give advice, but to offer you different perspectives, whilst paying attention to your feelings, instincts and judgements, and increasing your self-belief and confidence.

I work from an integrative transpersonal/humanistic perspective, which is a path of both heart and wisdom, to help us discover/re-discover love and understanding and joy in our lives.

My fee is currently 50 and I can offer some lower cost sessions, subject to a minimum fee. Sessions are held in my dedicated counselling room in my flat in south east London, a few minutes' walk from Plumstead Station and Common, and within easy reach of, for example, Greenwich, Woolwich, Charlton, Thamesmead, Bexley/heath, Abbey Wood and north east Kent. I am available for appointments here from Wednesday to Friday.

More information and appointments
Please contact me on 07854 724502, or click the email link above, if you would like more information or to book a session in Plumstead for counselling, psychotherapy, or counselling supervision.

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