Thoughts on relationships

A woman instinctively puts her relationship at the top of her agenda. If her male partner consistently doesn’t do this, she will feel neglected and increasingly unhappy, until she leaves. And he will wonder why.

It seems to me that (in a nutshell) a woman wants to feel cherished, and to feel that her man is willing to go to the ends of the earth for her. A man, in turn, wants to feel that a woman sees him as her Hero.

A woman can make a man feel that he wants to be a better person. She doesn't do this by being clingy, compromising her self, nagging or criticism, but by example, knowing and learning about herself, her values and how to live by them, and how to cope with setbacks.

To be comforted, cared for, held, loved, someone to share laughs with, the highs and the lows, with mutual love and respect - how hard can it be to have this kind of relationship? And yet, if there's somewhere inside us that doesn't believe we deserve this, how can we allow ourselves to have it?

Our Inner Child (of whatever age/s) wants us to give ourselves love, care, attention, time. Our outer life reflects our inner experience so if we neglect this part of ourselves we cannot expect to have these things in our outer life.

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